Role: Long Range, Balanced
Strength: Medium Armor

Handguns are useful against light armor, providing reasonably long range and a fast rate of fire.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Burst Fire Fires off two shots in rapid succession. Consumes a small amount of Momentum.
Crippling Shot In assistance of other attackers you try to cripple the target making the target slower and less capable of Dodging.
Double Shot Fires two rapid shots at your opponent, aggravating them and having a chance to Knock them Off Balance. Requires Momentum.
Dizzying Shot Fires a shot near the ear of your target. This can Daze them, and affect Balance, sometimes even Knocking them Down. Requires Momentum.
Flanking Attack This flanking attack requires you to be behind your opponent, but will do increased damage as a result of it.
Leg Shot A leg shot can slow your target's movement. If they already suffer from a leg injury, it could immobilize them completely.
Penetrating Shot You take extra time to aim and find a weakness in your opponent's Armor.
Pistol Whip Pistol Whips your opponent at close range. Is most effective vs. Knocked Down opponents.
Pistoleer You trade Momentum for Accuracy for a short period of time.
Pistol Whip Pistol Whips your opponent at close range. Is most effective vs. Knocked Down opponents.
Scatter Shot You spin in all directions opening fire on everything around. Requires a moderate amount of Momentum.
Shield Shot Targets the shield of the target making it pretty much useless for a few seconds till the target can readjust it. Requires Momentum.
Startle Shot Sends a shot near the head of your opponent. This can make an opponent panic, and stand up if they are in Crouching or Prone.
Stinging Shot This attack irritates the target more than anything else. It is most effective vs. Off-Balance opponents, with a chance to Knock them down.
Trigger Finger Uses Momentum to increase your Attack Speed for a short period of time.
Warning Shot Warning shots can break the concentration of those around you for a short period of time, even leaving some Off-Balance.

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